Alexandra, Bernie, & Abbie Craig

Alexandra, Bernie, & Abbie Craig

As owners of a Personal Training studio it is important for us to feel and look good, but also do what we instruct our clients to do. We struggle just like everyone else and we falter and have bad days, but we get back up and say “today forward.”

We know it is difficult when you are busy at work, and on-the-go all of the time, to eat a good meal and fit a workout in, but we can only do our best – and that is all we ask of anyone else. We are only human and we are, most likely, going to make mistakes and slip up every now and then. We also understand that having kids (in our case, kid) adds another time element to an already busy schedule. Our approach to nutritional coaching and personal training is one that is caring and understanding, but we also give a little tough love every once in a while.


As parents, we try to help our daughter make healthy choices, but not inflict too much control over the “good” food that she never gets anything “bad.” It is a fine line between explaining and helping your child eat healthy and making them eat whatever you think is best. Working with clients over the years, we have seen the long lasting effects of “the clean plate club” and “we always celebrate with food.” Tough emotional habits are hard to break, but they can be broken.

Bernie and I like to lead our child by example. We like to spend time outdoors and go to parks where we walk or hike as a family. We want our daughter, Abbie, to find joy in activities other than TV. We hope that she will grow up healthy, happy and with a sense that exercise = fun, a stress reliever, heart healthy and for more benefits than just losing weight. A healthy lifestyle is not short- term, it is a lifestyle and it can be very rewarding for as long as you live.

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