Personal Level Fitness helps people in Columbus, Ohio, and the surrounding areas reach their fitness goals with nutrition coaching. Along with private workout sessions with personal trainers that really care, we offer nutritional advice, customized cardio fitness plan and tracking your progress for maximum results. Nutrition is one of the most important parts of physical fitness. Exercise on its own can only do so much. Exercise combined with proper nutrition can have incredible results.

We all know eating a balanced diet is vital for our health and well-being. But why is it so hard to stick to a diet? Is it because you tried changing your eating habits too drastically and hated the new food? Or were you not consuming enough calories so you cheated because you were simply hungry? These are two common issues with new diets. At Personal Level Fitness, our nutritional guidance and coaching will give you the knowledge to change how you eat gradually, with foods you enjoy eating, for lasting results!

Our coaches are non-judgmental and understand sticking to a healthy diet is challenging because our world is filled with plenty of delicious, but unhealthy, foods. If you slip up on your diet, that's okay! Making an attempt at a diet is more than most people do. And if you improve your eating habits even slightly, you'll improve your health and well-being.

Nutritional Counseling Includes:

  • Calorie intake recommendations
  • What to buy at the grocery store
  • Controlling unhealthy eating behaviors
  • How to gradually change your eating habits
  • What to order when dining out at restaurants
  • Recipes that are easy to prepare and delicious
  • How to eat lighter versions of the foods you love
  • Obtaining a healthy lifestyle – forever!

Accountability is the key to success

When you become part of our fitness family, you’ll receive a journal that keeps you accountable because you will maintain notes about your food, your exercises and your overall self. Be honest even if you have a weak moment, as the journal helps us track your progress. It is important to see, understand and analyze your eating habits. Is there a particular day of the week or time of the day you can’t resist unhealthy foods? We need to see this kind of information to better help you. We won’t pressure you to be perfect with your eating; food should still be enjoyable! When you stop enjoying your food, your diet becomes hard to stick to.

Personable and customized

You and your trainer will have regular, weekly discussions about your accountability journal and various lessons designed to help you meet your fitness goals. Since everyone learns differently, our holistic approach to overall, body health ensures that you will fully understand the fitness and nutrition program created specifically for you. This personalization is something that sets Personal Level Fitness apart. Other gyms can’t personalize plans the way we can. At Personal Level Fitness, you aren’t just a cog in the system; you’re a valued client and human being we care about.

Nurturing guidance from people who care

If you have any food issues or problems that you are trying to correct, let us know. Whether you can’t seem to stop the late-night munchies or you find yourself stress eating, we will help get to the root of the problem and suggest behavioral changes. It’s important to be upfront and honest about your eating challenges. This helps us better solve them. There’s no need to be ashamed of your eating habits. Our trainers don’t judge and just want to help you improve your health.