Personal Level Fitness helps people like you reach your fitness goals, right here in Columbus, Ohio. By utilizing private fitness suites, nutritional advice, and customized workouts with personal trainers that actually care, our focus is completely on your success!

Our personal trainers hold degrees and additional certifications in fitness training. They also undergo a rigorous in-house training program where they become experts at helping people succeed with their fitness goals.

Christy Kranich -UA Resident

    Personal Level Fitness has worked for me because of the accountability and encouragement of the trainers. Their confidence in me helps me to achieve more than I ever thought I could. The location is close and has private rooms for individual attention. The fitness coaches have the knowledge and skills to provide the right workout combination for me to achieve my goals.
    There are many differences between PLF and other places. First, they are flexible with my schedule. I am held accountable to my sessions because someone is waiting for me. They also work around my schedule if I need to change! A great customer service aspect. Second, they take a holistic approach. They look at the resistance training, cardio, and nutrition, but also the mental and emotional aspects that influence those things. Sleep, attitude, and stress can play a huge part in results, and they help me to set goals to get better at those things. Third, the fitness coaches are great! They are knowledgeable, can answer any questions I have, and push me at my level. They focus on form to keep me safe while lifting and set small goals to work each week, so things don’t get overwhelming.
    My results have been fantastic! I have gained strength and maintained the weight I have lost. It is an investment in my overall health that I very much enjoy. It is nice to have such a kind team that focuses on me and my goals.


Emily Back -UA Resident

    I have been training at PLF a little over 1 year. In 2021, I went through 6 months of clinicals (OTD student) and did virtual workouts most of that time. I have never had a consistent schedule the entire time I've been a member, and the staff at PLF are so incredibly flexible and easy to work with. They have accommodated me endlessly, coached me, and pushed me through some really hard times. There were days I wanted to quit or didn't feel like showing up, but I did anyway- and I'm so glad I did! This place is different than all other gyms I've been to- they don't give in to diet culture and make individualized fitness plans to fit you and your goals- it doesn't have to be weight loss. Give this place a try if you truly want to take charge of your life and health.


Audree Boggs -UA Resident

    Personal Level Fitness (PLF) is everything you think and want personal training to be. I started with the goal to get healthy and focus on taking better care of myself. The trainers have been encouraging and over the last year have helped me adjust my goals to what I need and what works best with what is going on in my life to make sure I stay the track, accomplish my goals and never give up. The 45 minute one on one sessions are great for my development - I have learned I am much stronger than I ever gave myself credit for. I always receive a “keep it up” when I come in for a quick self-directed cardio session. The bi-monthly assessments have helped me track my progress and understand my body. I would highly recommend PLF to anyone looking to boost their fitness routine.

Sheri Lytle - German Village Resident

I have been going to PLF for about a year and a half. I have had a FANTASTIC experience with them. When I started there, I was 6 months out of chemo/radiation therapy for breast cancer. I had no energy, I had constant fatigue, and had gained a lot of weight due to the steroids and lack of activity. They got me motivated to get up and moving and get back to my old self. After 6 months, I had a ton of energy, had healthier eating habits, and a consistent exercise regimen.

The nutrition counseling is fantastic. They don't want you on any fad diets; they want you to live a healthy lifestyle. After 18 months, I have gained a LOT of muscle, I went from only being able to do 5 push-ups to over 20 and I went from a bench press of 60 lbs. to 100 lbs. I have better flexibility, more muscle, and less fat. The owner is honest and hardworking. Alex has a passion for health and fitness and will work with you one on one to achieve your health and fitness goals. She won't just talk about your diet, she looks at your whole being - are you sleeping enough, managing your stress, etc.

The fitness assessments are a wonderful way to track your progress. You can actually see your shape change with their Styku system. They will tell you how much muscle you gain and how much fat you lose, where you've lost inches and how much, and measurable results to show you how much stronger you're getting. And the trainers... They're amazing! They take a genuine interest in your well-being and want to see you succeed! They hold you accountable with your eating habits, push you to your absolute limits in their workout sessions, and even mail you notes of encouragement! I can't imagine not having PLF as a part of my life!

Lynn Merchant - Lynn Merchant – Retired RN, UA Resident

I have been with personal level fitness for 9 months!
At 62, I have lost 18 pounds, 15 inches, and a size and a half! I have also built muscle I haven't had for 20 years!
The fitness coaches take a comprehensive approach to each individual. I have learned to improve my diet without feeling deprived and gained strength I had lost. I feel so much better!
The team is friendly and fun, so it is not anything like going to the dreaded “gym”. Thanks PLF !

Kristi Close - Grandview Area Resident

When I first heard about Personal Level Fitness I could tell it was what I needed to get active. I would have an appointment and someone would be waiting for me. Now going on four years, I still am with them and feel that much better month by month. There's more to getting fit than a number on a scale, there's how you make it through your normal tasks without panting, how you feel putting on that special outfit that didn't used to fit, and most of all the confidence you gain by feeling good about yourself.

That's what the crew of trainers at Personal Level Fitness has done for me!


  • Lost 24lbs
  • Down 2 sizes
  • Down 8% body fat
  • Lost 7” just around my waist


Kellie Kidd – Nurse Practitioner U.A. Area Resident


  • LOST 13+ INCHES!
  • LOST 10lbs
  • Increased Muscle/Lost fat!
  • Improved Running Performance – shaved time off my run!
  • Clothes Fit Better
  • Feel Better Than Ever!
  • Increased Energy and Confidence

Why Personal Level?

  • Individualized Programs at My Level
  • High Level of Accountability
  • Flexibility in Scheduling
  • Consistent Encouragement
  • Genuine Interest in My Success
  • Positive Approach
  • Consistency Amongst Trainers
  • Professional and Highly Knowledgeable

Personal Level works because…

  • I am so grateful to have found this place! The support, encouragement and motivation that they have provided have helped me achieve my goal of running a 10k! I also set new running and pace goals!  I have more confidence and energy than I did when I started and I feel great about the work I do here! I am all in!
  • There is a consistent approach to training and accountability. Everyone checks in and evaluates how my body is feeling and if there are any body aches/pains they should know about.  They also make sure I am challenged on my level at each and every session
  • The coaches provide creative hints, tips, and ideas to help with nutrition and addressing boredom with food choices.
  • My schedule is hectic and they are very flexible! This is wonderful!


David Brown – OSU Lab Tech & Cols Resident

       Personal Level works for me because…


           - Increased 30 pounds of muscle     - Increased my max bench 80 pounds

           - Can do 37 more push-ups              - Increased confidence

  1.      I have a set appointment which prevents me from making an excuse not to come
  2.       The Fitness Coaches push me harder than I would myself and they know I can do it!
  3.      The private training suites allow me to be focused on and me to focus on what I am doing
  4.      The scheduling is very flexible – I can come whenever I choose!

      What makes Personal Level different….

  1.     They train me to meet my goals
  2.     The fitness coaches are knowledgeable and friendly
  3.      Their nutrition knowledge helps me come up with new and creative things
  4.     Knowing that the workouts will be good every time and that they will push me at my level

    Self-doubt is one of the reasons why I got a personal trainer.  There has been multiple times when a

    trainer has given me a weight and I think I won’t be able to do it, but I can.  Having them know my

    limits and pushing me to go further is key to my success.

Susan Mathias - Columbus/UA Area Resident

I have LOST a total of 34 Inches, 2 Clothing Sizes, and 30 pounds!

I have GAINED strength and tone, improved balance and flexibility and endurance!

My quality of life has improved!

Why did I choose PL?

  1. Amazing client success stories! If they could do it, so could I!
  2. Personal Level is around the corner from my house
  3. I liked the energy and passion the owners had!
  4. The PL philosophy is great! The coaches work with me each session on multiple levels (nutrition, food log, workout itself, stretching, and cardio) to ensure I am successful

Why did PL work when others didn’t?

  1. Knowledge of the Fitness Coaches is superior. Their ability to teach and communicate what they know keeps me coming back!
  2. Very flexible schedule and they NEVER cancel on me
  3. Fitness Assessments are offered every 6-8 weeks. This is an invaluable tool in helping me improve my fitness / overall health.

What makes PL Different?

  2. The excellent nutrition advice and different ideas on how I can improve to reach my goals
  3. There are consistent weekly weigh-ins, monitoring of food journals and water intake, as well as weekly goal setting.
  4. The variety in workout routines
  5. You workout in your own space and everyone is supportive and friendly

What do you enjoy about PL?

  1. The staff is professional, friendly and encouraging
  2. The studio is clean, welcoming and well designed
  3. I enjoy working with all the trainers
  4. I am held accountable for my choices
  5. The fitness coaches knowledge is one of the most important reasons as to why PL is successful

I have worked out at several other gyms and worked out with several other personal trainers.  I have had some success at the other gyms but it is incomparable to the success I’ve had at PL.  Since I joined PL I have reached goals beyond my expectations.  During my last physical with my family phusician my doctyor told me to tell my trainers that she gives them and A+!  I could not be happier about my choice to invest in myself by being a part of PLF


Julie Mease – Nurse Practitioner, Clintonville Area Resident


  • 6% Loss in Body Fat, 6 Inches lost in Waist & Hips
  • Increased Strength (60 lbs up on Bench press)
  • More Confidence
  • Clothes Fit Better

Why Personal Level?

  • Private Rooms, Convenient Location
  • Personal Attention -
  • Friendly Fitness Coaches/ Owners
  • Nonjudgmental environment
  • Flexibility with appointment scheduling
  • Method of Training – creative workouts that change based on goals and time frames.

Personal Level works because…

  • Everyone holds you accountable. Being there 3 times a week and working with different trainers gives me variety in workouts and helps improve areas in which I am struggling (nutrition, cardio, weights).

  • The Fitness Coaches are always challenging my abilities and beliefs to get better results. They are knowledgeable about adjusting exercises for injuries, creating cardio routines, and developing new exercises so things don’t get so boring.
  • My schedule is hectic and they are flexible! PL is open from 5a to 9p and if you need to change an appointment, they work with you so you don’t miss any sessions.  It helps me get my workout in by having a later (8:15p) appointment.  I haven’t been able to get this at other facilities. 

karen crossin
Karen Crossin
Karen Crossin

Karen Crossin

UA Resident and IT Specialist

Personal Level Fitness has been the best investment I could make in myself. My husband felt I could do it myself, but I really needed the accountability!! The fact that I have continued to stick to it has paid off in spades!

I have lost 43 pounds, over 22 inches total and 11 inches in just my chest/waist/hips! I am down 5.5% Body Fatand a couple sizes in just 6 1/2 months!!  I have doubled my push ups and increased in my flexibility. Now that all these great changes have been going on with my body – I really look forward to shopping.

The reason I chose PL is because of the individual training, accountability, and individual one on one nutrition program.

The staff is awesome! I get encouragement and care during the ups and downs of this journey. The support I get at PL has helped me to realize that this is a lifestyle change – not a quick fix.  My workout and nutrition changes will now remain habits for the rest of my life.

Tracy Crouse

Tracy Crouse

UA Resident and OB/GYN

I chose Personal Level Fitness because they showed personal attention and a vested interest in me right from the start; during the free session and the consultation with Alex.  I knew they were going to hold me accountable and they have.  I needed the accountability of a scheduled appointment, but also the flexibility to reschedule because my schedule changes.  There is always a trainer there no matter what time of day and I don’t have to be scheduling around them – they work around me.

I have lost 5% body fat and 14 inches over my entire body.  I have gotten stronger, more toned and my mind and body feel better overall.  I appreciate the fitness assessments that are done on a regular basis to track my progress.  All of these results have come by listening to the coaches about nutrition and making small changes in my dietary lifestyle.  I have learned so much about nutrition and great eating habits from Personal Level and they have stuck!

Personal Level is different than other places I have tried because it feels like home to me.  The staff and environment is very personable and supportive.  I have made friends with staff and other members – there is a huge support system at PL!  The trainers are very knowledgeable, caring, and they make sure that the exercises challenging enough without overdoing it.

It is worth the time and money that one has to carve out to make this health investment in yourself.  Thanks to Alex, Bernie and all the PL fitness trainers – YOU ROCK!!

Jen Masstruserio


Upper Arlington
Lost 25 lbs, 3 – 4 sizes, and 25 inches!

The trainers are very inspiring and motivating. Being held accountable to a trainer with an “appointment” has made all the difference. The trainers always make me laugh!

I have lost 25 pounds and 3-4 sizes!  I am wearing clothes I never thought I’d fit into again.

It has changed my whole lifestyle. I no longer beat myseslf up if I have a bad eating day –I just get up the next day and know that I have a plan – exercise and eat better.  Having the exercise as a constant has really helped.

I’m in better shape than I have ever been in my whole life – REALLY!  My husband continues to be amazed at the change in my body.



Upper Arlington
Lost 100 Pounds!

Personal Level Fitness has helped me achieve my 101 pound weight loss goal!For the first time in my life I enjoy working out and have better health, increased self-esteem and confidence. The trainers really care about my success and focus on many areas of my life – resistance training, cardio, fat burning, nutrition, etc. I enjoy the personal, individual, and customized training as well as the time they have taken to get to know me and my goals. I feel very comfortable at the studio because the facility is clean, the trainers are incredible, and everyone is friendly and accommodating to my schedule and needs.”

Barb Barta


Upper Arlington
Associate Dean – Mt. Carmel College of Nursing

I have been with Personal Level for 7 years and love it! It was hard to think about paying for personal training at first, but the staff is so knowledgeable, focused, and caring that it made it easy to see the benefits outweigh the cost. The studio is very clean and the fitness coaches are really flexible with my busy schedule. I have gained strength, tone, flexibility, and feel more overall relaxed and easier going about stressful situations. Health is very important and you don’t know what you had until it is gone! This team is worth the health investment and time.



Upper Arlington

Time was an issue for me because I am a working parent, but the team at Personal Level is very flexible with my schedule and having that appointment holds me accountable! I like the studio because you aren’t working out in front of everyone, but in your own private training suite. The staff pushes me harder than I would myself, so I am doing things I never thought I could. The workouts change for variety and the trainers are very supportive to my individual goals. I have slowed the weight roller coaster way down to almost nothing and have lost 25lbs in the process! I have felt welcome and supported from day 1 to year 4 and know that will continue as long as I am there.

Carl Backes


Upper Arlington

I have improved my range of motion and become more muscular. I have a smaller waist, bigger chest, weight loss! I feel better and love the team’s one on one approach to fitness and nutrition because it changes one’s health.The staff is great and gives a great workout! They get you in there and make you “just do it.” It is a great program when you get older! It is a healthy and fun way to get in shape. They’re a great team!

Carolyn Krier


Upper Arlington

I look great in my clothes because I have toned up and lost inches! I have become a much stronger person both physically and mentally. Physically, I find myself able to lift things some of my friends can’t. Mentally, it makes me feel really good about myself to be stronger.The studio is a top-notch exercise facility. Everyone is professional and very personable. By making appointments it makes you accountable and, in turn, makes you that much more committed to improving yourself. It is a great studio and sooo worth the price!

I like that I get personalized training – it is just my trainer and me! It makes the workout fun to be one-on-one and it makes it more focused on my goals.




Carrie has lost an amazing 50 pounds. She increased her strength and stamina and started running 5K’s, half marathons, and finished her first marathon in Chicago. To top all of that off she has lost 5 full sizes! WOW!!Carrie has been with the team for over a year and in that time has accomplished many things with her body physically and mentally.

Carrie has been and continues to be an inspiration to all of our staff and clients at the studio. Congratulations Carrie! Keep it up!



German Village
Lost 15 lbs. and 10% body fat!

Alex and her team give quality one-on-one time in all aspects. Not just during training sessions, but even in setting goals and helping to identify triggers that cause me to gain or lose motivation, stress eat, etc.

The results I have gotten with Alex and the team are awesome! I can do 49 pushups! But most importantly I have lost 15lbs and almost 10% Body Fat and made working out a priority in my life. In the past I have only been able to get to the 5 month mark and then lose motivation, but I have been with the studio for over a year!

The studio has changed my life because they have made fitness a regular and important part of my life routine. That is the reason I came to this studio and why I believe that I have made a lifestyle change that will last.

The staff is friendly and supportive, even sending hand written letter of encouragement to me to keep me going.



Upper Arlington
President and Chief Technical Officer, Vision Optimization, LLC

Time is always a problem, so it took prioritizing fitness over so many other important things in my life. Money was a secondary issue, but part of prioritizing fitness was prioritizing its worth. I was experiencing significant pain from orthopedic joint and back issues which made me apprehensive that working out would make my pain worse. However, I was facing a major surgery and was worried that my back pain would be worse than my surgical pain after having to lie on a hard operating room table for hours, so I was desperate to strengthen my back muscles.

Personal Level Fitness is a small private facility with one-on-one attention. Being in a room with just a trainer allows for friendly interaction and flexible attention to my goals. The trainers are very professional and knowledgeable which is quite important to me. The major surprise for me has been that by strengthening muscles and stretching joints, my pain has been dramatically reduced. I never realized the importance of stretching to the health of my joints. My doctor was amazed at the increase in range of motion in my arthritic hips. After several years of working with a personal trainer at the studio, I feel so much younger than when I started. Every aspect of my life has been positively affected, from work to home. People notice the difference!!


Upper Arlington

Holly has lost 10% of her body fat which means she lost 32 lbs of pure fat! Her cardiovascular health is 50% better and her strength has increased dramatically. She has done and continues to do an amazing job!I like that everyone is friendly and very nice. They all keep me motivated during the training sessions. The privacy is wonderful because it is just you and the trainer – no strangers watching you workout. My overall health is better and my legs look great in high heels!



Upper Arlington

I have lost 5% body fat and have now been able to get into my favorite pair of jeans again! Not to mention I had to get a smaller belt for them. I have gained strength and confidence in myself and my ability to achieve my goals.The trainers keep me focused and working hard during my training sessions which keeps me on track for my goals. They staff gives much motivation during each and every workout.


Upper Arlington

In 2 years I have lost 12 lbs and 2 dress sizes! I am more muscular and am more physically fit. I have always worked out aerobically, but the strength training has changed my body shape and given definition I have never had before at 44 years old!I am a working mother of 4 and time is my biggest obstacle. The studio works with my schedule and are always accommodating. If you have an appointment you are more likely to work out, your excuses don’t sound as good to someone else as they do to you. The trainers have become my friends and are just as excited about me reaching my goals as I am!

I really enjoy working with the trainers. They really care about you and your goals. Working out with them is like hanging out with a friend and the time goes by really fast!

Janet McCutcheon


Upper Arlington

I have lost fat and become much stronger. As a senior citizen, I was aware that I was losing strength in my hands. I feel so much better and have more energy! I needed a different approach to my weight loss program. The trainers are working for me and I am making lots of progressI like the discipline of having a special time for my training – it keeps me accountable. I feel very much at home and the atmosphere is wonderful – warm, positive and friendly. Everyone is great!



The team of trainers have helped me get back on track with working out and eating healthier. This lead to losing 30 pounds, 36+ total inches, total cholesterol getting into a normal range, and the beginning of weaning me off blood pressure medicine just to name a few. By far though, the biggest result has been the increased ENERGY! Having the extra general energy especially helps get me through those days that require longer hours at work. Alex and the team have changed my life in numerous ways. Again the extra energy has not only helped with being able to last those longer work days, but it has helped with my confidence and how I carry myself which is so important in the business world. Another way my time at the studio has changed my life is I am now not afraid to eat my veggies! I used to be the basic veggie girl – peas, green beans, corn, and carrots.

Now I can proudly say that I L-O-V-E broccoli, and I continue to expand the list of veggies I am willing to eat. The trainers constantly give suggestions on foods that may be good to try and different ideas on how to prepare them. I really enjoy the atmosphere and challenge the team provides. The trainers make the workouts challenging and extremely enjoyable. I have always enjoyed working out, but when you add a little bit of fun into the mixture it makes the time fly. The challenge is wonderful because it helps you realize that you are more capable than you think. I have been working out since I was a teenager, never going above 15 lb. dumbbells because I did not think I physically could or should. And here I am now after a couple of months doing 40 pound dumbbell bench presses for reps and deadlifts with 155 pounds!!

This team brings a whole new meaning to personal training. I was a little leery about going down this path because of a bad experience I had with personal training at one of those big chain gyms, but I am so glad I did. The trainers know how to challenge you while still factoring in any physical limitations you have and make you really feel the workouts. And most importantly, as long as you listen and follow through you will see results!



Upper Arlington

Jenny has been getting ready for her wedding by working out 3 times a week and doing regular cardiovascular activity. It paid off because she lost 8.3% body fat, 2 clothes sizes and had her arms looking nice and tone for that strapless wedding gown. Great job!The team is upbeat, encouraging, and keeps me on my toes with the variety of workouts that they provide. The family atmosphere and camaraderie keeps me working hard and coming back for more! I have gained energy, confidence and a waist! It’s great!



Upper Arlington

I am 76 years young and I have danced my whole life as well as participated in various aerobic classes, but I really needed something different. This team and the studio were the perfect fit for me! I came to the studio to increase bone density, muscular strength, flexibility, and mental alertness. My specific goals have been met and I am very excited with the results! I have lost fat and put on muscle which has helped me gain strength, bone density and energy! Even my mood has been changed for the better! I have struggled with depression in the past and that is where it has remained thanks to the exercise routine the team has provided for me. Their studio is a wonderful facility that I would highly recommend to anyone!



Upper Arlington

I have been with Personal Level for over 2 years. I have lost weight and inches! I’m much stronger than I was when I started coming to the studio and my cardiovascular capacity is greatly improved – I feel great! I feel more in control; being stronger, not tiring easily – it all feeds into feeling good about me, my life, the day! When you feel good physically it really helps you feel good about almost everything else.Everyone here is so supportive and positive without fail. It is always a pleasure to come into the studio, especially after a tough day at the office! I really love the way I feel after I have worked out – even if one of the trainers has really put me through it! Everyone is friendly and the camaraderie is wonderful!

Kelly Haney


To date my personal results have exceeded expectations. My goal was never to lose a lot of weight, but to feel better about myself and improve my overall health. Prior to joining the studio, I was concerned that my often sedentary lifestyle would lead down a path that I would eventually lose control of when extra weight really would become an issue. As a direct result of Alex and her team’s help, I look better, consistently wear smaller sizes and have received countless compliments from family and friends! I am so pleased with the results and progress made over the last seven months.I thoroughly enjoy all aspects of working with my trainers! The staff is always welcoming and friendly. the positive environment fostered by all staff members encourages and motivates me to achieve my fitness goals. For the first time in my life, I actually look forward to working out! Coming to the studio has been a tremendous catalyst in changing my lifestyle. The changes I’ve seen in my body have encouraged me to become more conscious of what I am putting in my body. I no longer have the urge to eat unhealthy foods. As a direct result, I am making better decisions about meals in general. Prior to joining, many meals consisted of ingredients. This holistic approach to my health has not only helped me, but has improved my husband’s health as well. He has reaped the peripheral benefits by losing 10 lbs himself, just by the conscious decision to change our eating habits!

I offer sincere gratitude and appreciation for encouraging and motivating me to meet my fitness objectives. I look forward to a continued successful partnership. I continue to feel challenged every time I work out!

Kristin Armstrong


Upper Arlington
Buff Bride
Lost 1.5 sizes, Wearing a bikini for the first time!

I lost a size and a half and I am wearing a bikini (which I’ve never done before) on my honeymoon! I am getting married and came to the studio to become a “buff bride” on my wedding day, but have gained that and so much more! I always felt I looked good, but after learning how hard I can really push myself I feel wonderful! I have lost a size and a half, gained muscle and lost fat. My waist is noticeably smaller! I have more energy, sleep better, and have drastically improved my eating habits because the trainers have taught me life skills to stay healthy, fit, and happy with my body. The trainers have a very positive approach that everyone can reach their goals and stresses that the only limit is our own drive and commitment. There is a great sense of community among everyone – this has been a life change for me! Thank you!



Upper Arlington

Linda has lost 8.1% body fat, 15 lbs of pure fat and a total of 22.75 inches! She has lost 2.5 sizes, increased her muscular strength by 69%, and has increased her flexibility by 33%.The staff is awesome and they know how to keep me motivated with a variety of exercises so I never get bored! It is always fun to come in and be mentally and physically better when I leave!



Pulmonary and Critical Care Medicine Physician

Being out of shape and overweight I thought I didn’t belong in a gym and definitely was nervous about working out in front of others. It was hard making that first call and keeping the first appointment. Time is always an issue with a busy schedule, but there are ways to fit exercise in if it’s important to you. As a doctor on call some weeks, I can still make it in 4 times a week. Alex and her team give me the individual attention and fun environment I like and need. The support from everyone including other clients is fantastic to have as well. It has been fun losing weight and getting leaner while getting some stress relief.




My goal was to tone up my muscles and shed body fat and now in 7 weeks I have added 8 lbs of muscle and shed 4 lbs of fat. My flexibility has improved dramatically! My routine was designed around my goals from the start – including a way to measure my progress. The trainers are personable and very knowledgeable – I have yet to repeat a workout! Personal Level Fitness has helped me to feel motivated again and resume a regular exercise routine. The nutritional guidelines that they give me have been very helpful unlike past experiences where the advice was difficult to understand and replicate with my schedule. I’ve gained muscle and shed body fat! My goal was to tone up my muscles and shed body fat. I did that and more! My routine was designed around my goals from the start. The trainers are personable and very knowledgeable and I have yet to repeat a workout! Personal Level has helped me to feel motivated again and resume a regular exercise routine which finally got me on the right track!

Mark Hulka


Upper Arlington

First and foremost, I really think all of the trainers are great.  Each one of them brings something different to my workout that is unique but all of them get the most out of me at each workout.  When I began here, I told everyone to work me as hard as they can and to never let me quit.  That has definitely been the case as they have continued to push me over the past year.  For years, when I worked out on my own, it was way too easy not do the “extra rep” or just completely skip an exercise without any repercussions.  I never gained any headway on weight loss or overall fitness.

Although I know I have put in the work in the weight room and definitely eating better myself, I am absolutely convinced I could not have done it myself without my trainers’ help.  My main goal was just to lose weight and feel better about myself both physically and mentally.  I wanted my clothes to just fit better.  I have lost approximately 50 pounds and 6 inches in my waist and I have gotten much stronger.  The first day I did 7 push ups.  I can easily do 70 now and still get in a full workout.  There is hardly a day that goes by that someone who has known me a long time isn’t there to pay me a compliment on how much weight I have lost or how great I look.

I truly look forward to coming in here the 3 days a week that I do.  I missed about three months over the winter due to work commitments and it was quite difficult.  Although I lost some strength and a little muscle mass while I was gone for those three months, I was able to maintain my weight (actually lost about 5 lbs) just by maintaining my eating habits that I learned at the studio.  I seem to be in a much better place mentally and physically.  I haven’t been to the doctor for anything since I have started here and I think there is a direct correlation.

Although I do not think any personal training is cheap by any means, it is without question the best money I have ever spent in my life!!  The team truly makes a difference and I feel much better about the financial commitment.  I only wished I had made this commitment to my health 6 years sooner.



Upper Arlington

When I come into the studio I am guaranteed a great workout that is challenging and full of variety. The staff is always encouraging and friendly and is very flexible with my busy schedule. I have seen a total of 17.5 inches come off of my body. I have lost 6.6% body fat and 17 pounds total! Progress! Progress! Progress! I have improved muscle tone and strength, decreased my sweet cravings, and have received many compliments on how great I look! THIS studio is the place to get results! Mary Beth has been with us for over a year and has lost 6.6% body fat, 16 lbs of pure fat, and 17.5 total inches! She has increased her strength and decreased her stress levels!

I come into the studio and am guaranteed a great workout that is challenging and full of variety. The staff is encouraging, friendly and very flexible with my busy schedule. I get many compliments on how great I am looking!

Mary Priest


Upper Arlington
Medical Field
Lost 19 lbs, dropped 2 shirt sizes and 1 pant size!

I like the privacy and one on one training sessions. I have learned a lot about nutrition and how to lose weight and strengthen my body. I feel the fitness coaches are friendly and very goal oriented to each clients needs. We laugh a lot, but get the job done for sure! It is a very pleasant environment. I am in my 50’s and now feeling better about my complete self. I am not only more flexible, but I know how to eat, not be hungry, yet stay satisfied.



Formerly of Upper Arlington

I had always been a pretty active person, but the stresses of orthopedic residency had worn me down. I worked so much that I felt like I didn’t have time to exercise anymore. I was stress eating and the late nights at the hospital had me eating whatever was available; fast food, candy and pizza. I decided I needed to change. The trainers motivated me to work out and get back in shape. But they also became good friends. They were there on days I didn’t feel like working out. They were there to listen on days I was so frustrated I just needed someone to vent to. They helped me convert my everyday stress into a good satisfying workout. They helped me change my diet and encouraged me when I thought I had given up. They were always available to accommodate my ever-changing schedule. And because of them, I have lost 30 pounds. This past summer I competed in 3 triathlons and placed in the top 3 in all of them. I also competed in Tough Mudder, Adventure races, and several half marathons. This past fall, I set a personal record for my marathon time at the Columbus marathon, running it in 3 hours and 49 minutes. That is 11 minutes faster than my old personal record, which I had set while I was running in college more than 10 years ago! I feel better about myself and I am ready to keep it going!Thank you to everyone at the studio!



Upper Arlington

Today is a great day to write this testimonial. I went shopping for a pair of pants. I grabbed several pairs of pants from the rack and walked into the Fitting Room fearful of what I would discover. And I discovered almost what I feared—not a single pair fit. Of course, this time it’s because they were all too big!As far as changes go, I couldn’t be happier with what I achieved in the time I was at the studio. Every year, I take students to a camp with a high ropes course. Every year I stand on the ground and watch students climb around, wishing I could join them. This year, I did! I had so much more confidence in my body—particularly my strength and endurance. I look forward to being able to continue to do the high ropes course. I would never have had the confidence to do anything like this before. I’ve struggled with the thought that my fitness is measured exclusively by the number on the scale most of my adult life. For the first time, I really know that is not true. I can see progress in every area—in my resting heart rate, my recovery time, my strength, my measurements, my percentage of body fat, and, not least, my ability to perform a variety of exercises. I have rediscovered my love of exercise. And along with that, I’ve discovered that exercising really brings me energy. Instead of going home to nap as I used to do, I work out right after I finish teaching—and amazingly enough, I have plenty of energy to get through the rest of the evening. I have more energy and mental focus in every area of my life.

I am so grateful for my trainers. Without the help of their staff, I would never have believed that I CAN successfully exercise. Without their guidance and teaching, I would still be wondering where to begin. I was grateful for the privacy of the rooms while I learned anew how to workout and push my body. Now, I feel comfortable in a gym and comfortable with working out. I love having the confidence to continue to pursue my fitness, and I love the rewards that have come from working out.

Pam Cook


Upper Arlington
Lost 30 lbs, 23 inches, and 3 sizes!

I started coming to the studio one year ago to build leg strength before my total hip replacement in September, 2008. It was very helpful and I was the only patient who could to the later leg moves right after surgery. But the best results came during the 7 months after surgery as I continued in my fitness program. I learned so much about muscles, weight training, good form, sets, etc. etc… I feel like I can go into any gym and not be self conscious. During the past 7 months I have met and surpassed my weight and fitness goals. Initially, I dreaded the fitness assessments – but then I was excited to see the results. Although I used Weight Watchers for my food plan, the full time staff was really supportive. From February – August my results were: 30 pounds off, 23” off, size 16 to 12 (some 10’s) and a metabolic age 24 years below my chronological age! All the trainers were great and continuously kept pushing me, which I would have not done on my own. Research says anyone can be fit, just eat less and move more…but I couldn’t have done without the great “coaches” and “cheerleaders” at the studio!Thanks for my lifestyle change.



Lost 30 lbs and 20 inches (and counting)!

Personal Level Fitness gives me the personal attention and variety I need from not just one trainer, but all of them. They are constantly helping me achieve my personal goals and I am seeing results from that! I also appreciate the sincere friendliness and support I receive from everyone of the fitness coaches.

My results are awesome! I have lost 30 lbs, 5% body fat, and 20 inches over my whole body! I have also gotten more physically fit and have gained much endurance. Overall, I just feel better about myself.

Alex and her team have helped me to again realize that by making a personal effort and investment in my health, that I can truly achieve the results I desire. The trainers are the best….they push with patience!



Upper Arlington

Rick has decreased his body fat by 11.8%. He did this by working out 3 times a week and doing his cardio very regularly. He has lost 42 pounds of pure fat! Rick loves tennis and the team has helped him improve his game 10 fold.

I love the motivation and the family atmosphere that the studio provides. The motivation is unparallel to anything I have experienced. I am always greeted with enthusiasm and encouragement by my trainer. The staff is knowledgeable and helpful with every aspect of fitness. I love this place!

Trish McClanahan


Upper Arlington
Lost 16 lbs, 12 inches, and 2 sizes!

The workouts are designed with my personal fitness goals in mind and kept challenging, creative, and interesting in a one on one setting. I enjoy the encouragement and creativity from the staff which have produced the results I was looking for in a fitness program.

I have gained the confidence that I can make and incorporate changes in my lifestyle while making them positive and a real lifestyle change – not just a fad.

I have enjoyed the process of learning about fitness and nutrition that has come with my time with the trainers. The team’s encouragement and varied workouts keep it fun and interesting!

Scott Treadwell


Upper Arlington
Lost 11 lbs, 3 inches in the waist, and 1 pant size!

I really enjoy the comradery with the trainers, they motivate and inspire me to push myself in every workout. With the help of the studio, I have lost 11lbs, 4.5% body fat and my BMI ranking is well above average. I have gone down a pants size because I have lost 3 inches around my waist! I have much more confidence in myself and my ability to reach my fitness goals!

Frequent fitness assessments have helped me to stay on track because I can see my goals on paper. This helps me to know whether I need to build more muscle, maintain, or lose more fat! The accountability is a great thing to have with the staff as well as the inititive to set new goals.



Upper Arlington
Substitute Teacher

Showing up a size 16, I wandered into the studio and was offered a free personal training session. I didn’t realize I was making a drastic turn from a two-year fitness slump.

Thankfully, the trainers had the confidence that I could get back into shape. I wasn’t as sure. I thought I could lose maybe 20 lbs.

My trainers make it fun and the workouts are challenging and motivating. They hold me accountable for following my program–eating right and getting in my strength training and cardio time. It sounds like a simple plan, but not always easy to do on your own.

Some of the differences between their team and other gyms are that when I arrive, everything is upbeat, clean and organized and ready to go in a private studio. I appreciate the little things like a friendly greeting, getting handed cold bottled water and a towel. I feel valued as a client and as a person and that makes a difference.

They like to assess my progress because they want to make sure I am reaching my goals and improving. Here are my results to-date:

1. Lost 50 lbs.
2. Dropped 5 sizes
3. Reduced body fat by 16%

The studio has been a welcoming place for me to learn how to live a healthy lifestyle, meet some great people and up my energy and confidence. Today, I like buying clothes. I have more fun with my family and friends doing physical activities. At first I joined a yoga class, then golf lessons and recently a softball team. I really couldn’t have gotten these results without the help and support of the studio and the team. Thank you!!



Clinical Psychologist
Lost 31 lbs, 3 pant sizes, and 34.5″ over entire body (almost 3ft!)!

I really enjoy the emphasis on individual planning and positiveness!!! The fitness coaches are professional, have great personalities (as well as a sense of humor in the early morning hours) and knowledge of the body. The staff  also focuses on relationship building amongst clients which is nice.

I have LOST 31 POUNDS, am down 3 PANTS SIZES, and have LOST 34.5 INCHES over my whole body – almost 3 feet of fat! Not only the physical aspect has changed, but the health aspect as well. I have dropped 25 points off my blood sugar, my metabolic age has gone down, and my overall cardiovascular health and energy has improved.

My experience with the team of trainers has changed my life in many ways. I am more active, more confident, and less self-critical which allows me to choose the clothes that are more fun for me to wear. I look forward to having the stamina and strength to do the things that are ahead of me in my life. I have also been much more conscious about food choices and portion sizes at home and away. Thanks!



Upper Arlington

Stephanie has lost 7 pounds – 6.7 lbs of it was pure fat which lowered her body fat 3.2%. Her cardiovascular endurance has improved by 17% and her strength has increase by 20%! I really like the trainers because they are so friendly every time I come in to the studio. They are genuinely glad to see me! They are consistently making me feel encouraged even if I get off track a little. The best thing about this studio is the variety in trainers and their workouts!



Lost 90lbs, 13% body fat, 67 total inches and still going down!

I have gained a lot of self confidence, energy and strength that will help me complete items I have on my list of goals I want to accomplish in my lifetime. The knowledge I have gained on how to live a healthy lifestyle has been priceless. It has made me feel better about myself and has helped me to realize how much I enjoy working out – something I didn’t think could happen. I love the support and positive feedback I get from each fitness coach as well as the variety of exercises and workouts. They all give me healthy tips on food and a great cardio program to supplement my resistance training.

Susan and Laura Payne


Mother and Daughter Team

Laura Payne
It is awesome to have a trainer working one-on-one with me, pushing my limits, but never taking me too far. Since joining the studio I’ve definitely noticed a change in my general outlook on life. I used to be a very unhappy, tired, and an unhealthy person, but now I’m extremely happy! I have more energy and I am on my way to becoming a healthier person.The whole team is awesome and really friendly! They know how to kick my butt! I want to thank them for everything!

Susan Payne
I have dropped 5 clothing sizes and lost 53 pounds! I enjoy having the undivided attention of a trainer who will make sure I am challenged, but never overwhelmed. I feel much more energetic and self confident. I’m definitely a happier, healthier person. The staff members have been wonderful to work with! They are friendly, competent and very supportive.

Suzanna Gussler


Upper Arlington

Suzanna has lost 7 pounds total, 5% body fat, 9 lbs of pure fat and increased her lean mass by 2 lbs. Her heart rate at rest and during exercise decreased dramatically and her strength increased by 23 lbs. Suzanna’s flexibility increased by 4.25 inches! She lost 3 inches off of her waist and hips and a total of 7.25 inches over her entire body! Way to go!“I have tried other gyms and this is the only place that has worked for me. I get results! Alex and the team offer a cardio challenge which makes you stay on track because they offer great prizes if you win! The staff is fun and energetic and they make me THE #1 PRIORITY! It is so nice to experience the personal one on one attention! I have more energy, muscle tone, and I get many compliments on my appearance which makes me much more confident!”



I have definitely have a healthier lifestyle since coming to the studio. I am more balanced with eating habits because I am more conscience of the food choices I make. Suzanne has lost 4.2% body fat by increasing her lean mass by 5.5 pounds and her fat mass by 5 pounds. Her endurance and strength have both increased dramatically as well. We look forward to the next fitness assessment because this success was achieved in only 14 weeks.



Upper Arlington
Derek – Lost 28 lbs, 20 inches over entire body, 4 pant sizes, and 3 shirt sizes!
Christine – Lost 39lbs, 39.5 inches over entire body, 4 pant sizes, and 4 shirt sizes!

Derek and I really enjoy the one on one workout with the trainers. You have their undivided attention and they have your goals at heart. The fitness plan along with the nutritional aspect works excellent and each workout is personalized to our goals – which we love!Derek and I have a completely new lifestyle, working out and healthy eating. We both feel terrific and look forward to more success. THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU! The entire staff is wonderful and we could not have achieved this without you. We highly recommend Personal Level Fitness to everyone – it has been a wonderful experience!

Vicki Rush


Upper Arlington

When I started at the studio I was a size 14 – I am now down to a size 6 and can fit back into my wedding dress !I have lost 30 pounds and gained muscle, strength, and increased my flexibility! I have gone from a size 14 down to a size 6/8! I have more energy then I’ve had in years! Alex and her team have helped me easily change my eating habits to something that I can do and not feel deprived about. I feel better, healthier, younger and more confident! I never thought I would get such great results so quickly! I love the atmosphere because it is like a supportive family! The encouraging staff, accountability, and privacy really keep me motivated. It is just me and the trainer in the room – I’ve never felt comfortable in crowded gyms!

The trainers gives great customer service and are very client oriented. They have helped me do what I couldn’t do on my own and it has been worth every cent! Thank you!

Bill McCabe


Upper Arlington
Lost 10 lbs, 4% body fat, and gained muscle mass!

I have lost 10 lbs, 4% body fat, and gained muscle mass. I enjoy the friendly atmosphere and the staff. They really care about you obtaining your goals!I have learned how to take responsibility for what I eat and for my health. I have also learned that you can accomplish your goals if your dedicated. If you are serious about getting into shape and committed to your good health, than you owe it to yourself to talk with Alex and her team! They make results happen!

Marty Worth

Marty Worth

UA Resident and Church Administrator

After 2 illnesses in 3 months, one the flu and a hospital stay for a bleeding ulcer I decided I need to take better care of myself. I began my journey to fitness in April 2013. I had two goals:

1. Get strong enough for a fall trip to Italy with my sister (I accomplished that)

2. Be able to climb the steps to the choir loft at church and not be too out of breath to sing (did that)

I have achieved that and more. My strength has improved 800%, have lost almost 6 inches around my waist and have gained 5 pounds of muscle.

I have not been ill for more than a year. My nutrition has improved and my stress is much more managed. Christmas and Easter are the busiest time when you work in a church. Previous years, I have missed celebrating both because I was so stressed out I would get sick. I have enjoyed both since I began at Personal Level.

Personal Level Fitness gives the attention to me because they care about me. I like that they do not treat me like a wimp because of my age. They challenge me, give constant encouragement and value me as a client. They define my goals and hold me accountable to them.

Flexibility and knowledge are very important to me and they provide both. They are very flexible with my schedule when I need to change things around. I also feel very comfortable asking them questions and getting solid answers. Thanks Personal Level Fitness!

Bob & Irmarie Patricy


Upper Arlington

Bob – I have healthier eating habits and am so much stronger! I have increased my bench by 50 pounds and increased my flexibility by 2.75 inches! I have lost 2.5% body fat! It’s great!

Irmarie – I have lost 3% body fat (4 lbs of pure fat) and 6.75 inches off of my body. Not only have I lost inches and pounds, but I can do over 50 boy push ups!

We love the friendly atmosphere and the fact that we are greeted by the staff every single time with a great smile and hello! The energy of the staff and studio keeps us motivated and on schedule to get a fantastic workout each time.

Anita Musser


Upper Arlington

I feel so much better. I have more energy, stamina, and confidence. My clothes fit better because I have dropped a size!I enjoy all the support I get from Alex and the team. With skilled trainers encouraging me and guiding me, I try new challenges which build my confidence in what my body can do. I am more active! Once I started feeling more confident in my ability to perform the challenges the  trainers presented me with, I began to look for other physical activities to become involved in.

It is the people who make the studio the amazing place it is. The trainers take an interest in my success and I’m provided all the tools I need to meet my training goals.