Personal Level Fitness helps people like you reach your fitness goals, right here in Columbus, Ohio. By utilizing private fitness suites, nutritional advice, and customized workouts with personal trainers that actually care, our focus is completely on your success!

Our personal trainers hold degrees and additional certifications in fitness training. They also undergo a rigorous in-house training program where they become experts at helping people succeed with their fitness goals.


Alexandra Craig


Owner – B.S. Exercise Physiology
Minor in Nutrition
A.C.S.M. Exercise Physiologist

Alexandra believes that exercise is a key piece of the puzzle when it comes to mental, physical, and emotional health. Exercise is a way to release many different stressors we experience on a daily basis. Not only does it help us deal with our health and stress issues, it gives us emotional confidence on the inside and out. Read about her intro into fitness.

My passion is to help people of all walks of life and health experience exercise on a very personal level. I opened Personal Level Fitness for the following reasons:

  1. to help people who have a difficult time exercising accomplish their goals
  2. to teach people how to lose weight and keep it off
  3. to take a current training program to the next level
  4. to teach people how to eat correctly and live a healthy lifestyle

Each client should be treated as an individual and not as a number so that they get the results that work best for their bodies. My intent for our clients is that they get the absolute best one-on-one, personal training in a clean, upbeat, and encouraging environment. Our attitudes should always reflect a willingness to go above and beyond what our clients’ expectations are. We are always here for the client to provide them with outstanding customer service, a shoulder to lean on, and the best results possible!

Dustin Carson


Personal Level Fitness Lead Trainer
National Personal Training Institute – School of Personal Training NPTI
NCSA – Certified Personal Trainer

Dustin believes that personal fitness training is a great tool to help aid the body for a long and healthy life. His intent while training is to show his clientele how much they can achieve when they are pushed past their personal limitations. Dustin’s clients are expected to set attainable goals and keep them in mind during every training session. They need to push themselves during each session to achieve their current goals while continually setting new and challenging ones. “The goal of fitness training is to help clients achieve mental and physical health in all areas of their lives. One key to achieving mental and physical health is the training environment itself. I believe that a fitness trainer should be motivating to the client while at the same time keeping the atmosphere fun, uplifting, and inspiring. I love to see my clients reach their goals and full potential while getting them well on their way to a happier, healthier lifestyle.”

Shae Feenstra

B.S. Health Promotion and Education
A.C.S.M. Certified Personal Trainer

Shae believes that fitness training is the start to a happier and healthier life through improving your physical and mental state. Her intent when training is to make sure clients are staying motivated on their end goals. Shae wants to help them create and achieve small goals throughout the process in order to achieve their overall goal. The client should be ready to work hard and stay motivated and focused on their goals. Also, the client should recognize the progress they have made along the way to help them stay on track for success. In general, the goal of fitness training is to improve the client’s quality of life!

Shae likes the studio environment to be welcoming and stress free. Clients should feel like they can give all of their focus on their workout. Shae wants the client to feel better about themselves, knowing they have accomplished their goals and living a healthier lifestyle.

Justin Hammer


B.S. Exercise Physiology
A.C.S.M. Exercise Physiologist

Colin believes that fitness training is a way to improve physical, emotional, and social well-being. He likes to learn about client challenges and brainstorm about how to overcome those challenges. His intent while training is to see improvement in the clients’ functionality through improving cardiorespiratory and muscular fitness. The clients’ intent when training should be to work hard while being engaged and willing to try new ideas and exercises!

Colin believes the overall goal of fitness training is to improve physical and emotional health. The training environment should be as much of a learning experience as it is a place to increase physical fitness! The “end result” of each session is to see improvements in physical fitness as well as an increase in knowledge and tools to maintain or continue making progress in overall health.

Meredith Bandise

Associate of Science in Fitness Specialist
A.C.E. Certified Personal Trainer
Da Vinci Body Board Certified Instructor

Meredith believes that fitness training is a way to forget about our daily stress. It allows us to be confident individuals and feel healthy about our bodies! Her intent while training is to help clients achieve their goals while giving them a fun challenging session. Meredith wants the client to enjoy the workout and keep an open mind to new exercises. Helping clients put 110% into their sessions will help them reach their personal goals.

The goal of fitness training is to stay healthy, build muscle, increase endurance and flexibility! Meredith also knows that it helps improve confidence and makes us happy – endorphins all the way!! The training environment should be fun, challenging and effective. Achieving goals, mixing things up while keeping it fun and exciting is always the end goal!

Nicholas Wengerd

B.S. Exercise Science
A.C.S.M. Certified Personal Trainer

Nick believes that fitness training is essential to improve and maintain long term physical, mental, and emotional health. His intent when training is to motivate clientele to give 100% effort from start to finish. There is added value in working hard, and Nick wants to help clients push past any mental and physical barriers to achieve short and long-term goals as efficiently as possible. The client should give full effort and stay consistent! Client’s should know WHY fitness is important to them so they are committed to show up every workout, push themselves, and take care of themselves when they are finished.

Nick feels the general goal of fitness training is to strengthen the body physically and mentally to function better each day in all aspects of life. The training environment should be challenging, but also fun and inspiring! When a client comes in to improve their physical health – it should be a life-long commitment for them. Providing an enjoyable environment with motivating trainers will help nurture that commitment. Nick would like to see each individual find joy in committing to a healthy lifestyle that sustain these lifestyle habits no matter what life throws at them.