Personal Level Fitness helps people like you reach your fitness goals, right here in Columbus, Ohio. By utilizing private fitness suites, nutritional advice, and customized workouts with personal trainers that actually care, our focus is completely on your success!

Our personal trainers hold degrees and additional certifications in fitness training. They also undergo a rigorous in-house training program where they become experts at helping people succeed with their fitness goals.


Alexandra Craig


Owner – B.S. Exercise Physiology
Minor in Nutrition
A.C.S.M. Exercise Physiologist

Alexandra believes that exercise is a key piece of the puzzle when it comes to mental, physical, and emotional health. Exercise is a way to release many different stressors we experience on a daily basis. Not only does it help us deal with our health and stress issues, it gives us emotional confidence on the inside and out. Read about her intro into fitness.

My passion is to help people of all walks of life and health experience exercise on a very personal level. I opened Personal Level Fitness for the following reasons:

  1. to help people who have a difficult time exercising accomplish their goals
  2. to teach people how to lose weight and keep it off
  3. to take a current training program to the next level
  4. to teach people how to eat correctly and live a healthy lifestyle

Each client should be treated as an individual and not as a number so that they get the results that work best for their bodies. My intent for our clients is that they get the absolute best one-on-one, personal training in a clean, upbeat, and encouraging environment. Our attitudes should always reflect a willingness to go above and beyond what our clients’ expectations are. We are always here for the client to provide them with outstanding customer service, a shoulder to lean on, and the best results possible!

Dustin Carson


Personal Level Fitness Lead Trainer
National Personal Training Institute – School of Personal Training NPTI
NCSA – Certified Personal Trainer

Dustin believes that personal fitness training is a great tool to help aid the body for a long and healthy life. His intent while training is to show his clientele how much they can achieve when they are pushed past their personal limitations. Dustin’s clients are expected to set attainable goals and keep them in mind during every training session. They need to push themselves during each session to achieve their current goals while continually setting new and challenging ones. “The goal of fitness training is to help clients achieve mental and physical health in all areas of their lives. One key to achieving mental and physical health is the training environment itself. I believe that a fitness trainer should be motivating to the client while at the same time keeping the atmosphere fun, uplifting, and inspiring. I love to see my clients reach their goals and full potential while getting them well on their way to a happier, healthier lifestyle.”

Eric Van Cleave


B.A. Health Sciences
Concentration in Health Assessment and Promotion
A.C.S.M. Certified Personal Trainer

Erin believes that fitness training is a way to improve an individual’s quality of life. Her intent while training is to help clients reach their full fitness potential. She wants to train and motivate clients through individualized exercises designed to help them reach their goals. The clients should be ready to better themselves by improving all aspects of their wellness. In order to do so, the client should stay motivated throughout the course of the exercise program. They should also set attainable goals to improve their level of activity and nutrition.

Erin likes the training environment to be positive and fun! The best way to adhere to an exercise program is to have fun with training. By doing so, the client may feel more inclined to add exercise and physical activity into their daily routine. Erin would like the “end result” of each time segment to be a decrease in body fat percentage as well as an increase in overall muscular strength and endurance. She would also like to see an increase in the client’s energy and motivation, and a decrease in their total stress. Connecting with clients and helping influence their exercises and nutritional decisions is also very important to Erin.

Tim Stephens


B.S. Exercise Physiology
A.C.S.M. Certified Personal Trainer

Brandon believes that fitness training is a path to a healthy and happy life. Fitness allows for the individual to achieve psychological and emotional well-being, which helps them grow in all aspects of life. His intent is to help clients achieve the goals they have set for themselves. For example, losing that extra 5 lbs., completing the extra repetition or whatever it is that they need! Brandon is their lifeline. The client should envision their goals and come in with the positive attitude needed to achieve the goals that they want.

He feels the goal of fitness training in general is to allow the individual to achieve and maintain a healthy life. Training should allow the individual to keep doing the activities that make them happy as long as possible. Brandon likes the environment to be focused, lively, and most of all, enjoyable!


Molecular/Cellular Specialization
NASM Certified Personal Trainer

Adirah believes that fitness training is a gradual process that requires our best efforts and consistency. We must make time for exercise now to live better later. Her intent when training is to listen to clients’ goals and assess the client’s mechanics to ensure satisfaction and safety. She also wants to be encouraging and continually grow and learn to be a more effective trainer. The goal of fitness training, in general, is to keep our bodies, mind, and spirit healthy in each life stage. Making good choices that turn into great habits are keys to a healthy lifestyle.

The studio environment should be fun and challenging while safe and clean. It should be a place conducive to learning and growing - mentally, physically and emotionally. Adirah likes to relax and have fun while getting to know her clients better. She likes them to progress with her each day so they can achieve their goals together. Turning healthy habits into an overall healthier lifestyle is the ultimate goal!

Justin Hammer


B.S. Exercise Physiology
A.C.S.M. Exercise Physiologist

Colin believes that fitness training is a way to improve physical, emotional, and social well-being. He likes to learn about client challenges and brainstorm about how to overcome those challenges. His intent while training is to see improvement in the clients’ functionality through improving cardiorespiratory and muscular fitness. The clients’ intent when training should be to work hard while being engaged and willing to try new ideas and exercises!

Colin believes the overall goal of fitness training is to improve physical and emotional health. The training environment should be as much of a learning experience as it is a place to increase physical fitness! The “end result” of each session is to see improvements in physical fitness as well as an increase in knowledge and tools to maintain or continue making progress in overall health.

Justin Hammer


B.S. Human Nutrition
NESTA Certified Personal Trainer
NESTA Certified Metabolic Training Specialist

Kristin believes that fitness training is vital to living a long and healthy life! She also believes that it should be fun in order to be sustainable. Her intent while training is to help clients reach their goals in the most efficient way possible. She would like the client to show up and push themselves during every session in order to reach their goals. Whether the goal is to improve their health, get stronger, increase flexibility, lose weight, or gain strength, they should be ready! The goal of fitness training, in general, is to improve your overall physical fitness, whatever it is; from losing weight to just performing daily activities.

The studio environment should be fun and inviting, yet stern enough to push the client when necessary. The end result should be a happy client who has reached their goals. Ideally, Kristin would love to see clients reach goals that they didn’t even realize they needed. For example, noticing how much better they feel or how much more energy they have. Attaining these extra goals are a huge motivator and keep clients healthy for life!

Kenleigh Immel


B.S. Human Nutrition in Industry
M.A. Public Health in Promotion, Health Behavior
ACE Certified Personal Trainer

Madeleine believes that fitness training is a way to improve someone’s life. Her intent when training is to help clients feel better through exercise and health guidance in all aspects of their lives. Health should energize and empower people to live their fullest life. Clients need to focus on how exercise can be used as a self-improvement tool and then reflect on how using/pushing their body makes them feel. The overall goal of fitness training is to improve overall wellbeing and become more in tune with your body. Giving everyone individualized attention is key because every “body” is different.

The training environment should always be welcoming, comfortable, fun, friendly, open and accepting. Madeleine likes to ask about goals and then get to the root of why they came to us in the first place. Encouraging them to make healthy, doable lifestyle changes will start healthy habits. She enjoys talking in depth with clients about their lifestyle and how she can help them enhance their health. Madeleine likes to create a service that not only focuses on exercise, but healthy living as a whole to help clients reach their goals and a healthy, happy life.