Your foot, quite literally, is the foundation of your body. Like the foundation of a structure needs to be strong, your feet also need 200 percent of your attention.

The ancient technique of acupuncture also says that your food has the maximum number of pressure points. These points can solve a lot of your problems like body pain, headache or even an upset stomach. Don’t believe acupuncture? Then read on, as we tell you why you should take care of your feet:

Back pain

How do you pick up a pair of shoe? If comfort is one of the most important parameters on your list, then you are safe. Wearing a wrong pair of footwear can cause body pain. And a continuous use of such uncomfortable shoes can also lead to bad posture and vertebral pain. When selecting running shoes, it is always best that you avoid buying cheap and substandard brands. There are a variety of brands available in the market today that are custom made for running. They are designed in a way that they balance out the weight of your body evenly on the foot. Wear the shoe twice before buying them and make sure that they are not very tight as that will cause shoe-bite and blisters.

Mirror to your health issues

Your feet can show signs of illness well in advance. Medical conditions such as diabetes, arthritis and a lot of other disorders that are associated with circulatory system and nerves show their initial effects on your feet. You can tell if the person is unwell only by touching his feet. When unwell, your feet turn cold due to poor circulation. So, the next time you get cold feet (literally), visit a doctor and get yourself examined.

Infection prone

Any injury or cut on your feet needs to be attended to immediately. As your feet are directly in contact with dust, there are higher chances of contamination. Therefore, you must be extra careful with the cuts and bruises on your feet. The colour of your toe nail can also tell you about your upset stomach, weak liver and lot other stomach related issues. Make sure you maintain a high level of hygiene to stay away from fungal infection. Most men avoid this, but a regular foot care routine is extremely necessary to stay away from infections.

Take proper care and make sure that you always put the right foot forward. A little extra attention that you pay towards your feet can save you from chronic disorders helping you take immediate action. Always buy shoes that comfort your feet and don’t just run after a snazzy looking pair, because there is always a hidden baggage with beautiful things!

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