Enjoy a Healthy Cheese Ball recipe this holiday season by combining three kinds of cheese with a secret healthy ingredient (white beans!). This holiday crowd pleaser has classic flavor, texture, and look but is higher in protein, lower in fat and more nutritious!

As the holidays are upon us, many people give up all notions of healthy eating entirely. However, there’s no reason why you can’t enjoy lighter versions of your holiday favorites like healthy Christmas cookieshot chocolate and this healthy cheese ball recipe.

Cream cheese balls aren’t exactly known as a healthy party snack, however, with the addition of protein, fiber, and nutrient dense white beans, this crowd pleasing appetizer gets a healthy makeover, without sacrificing on flavor, so you can enjoy it guilt free at potlucks, parties, and gatherings!

Why Make Easy Cheese Ball Recipe?

  • Super easy: Blend, chill, shape, and roll in the toppings. It’s that simple!
  • Fuss free: Just a few minutes of hands on prep, then leave to chill until serving.
  • Make ahead: Up to 5 days in advance- perfect for busy holidays and parties.
  • Extra nutrients: Swap out fat heavy dairy for low fat, protein, fiber, and nutrient dense white beans.
  • Affordable: Made with a combination of pantry and fridge staples for a budget friendly party appetizer.
  • Flavor: With a combination of cream cheese, Boursin, and sharp cheddar, no one can tell beans are there.
  • Crowd pleaser: For potlucks, parties, Christmas, New Year, book clubs, game days, Superbowl, and any large gathering. There’s never a wrong time to enjoy this easy cheese ball recipe.
  • Easy to adapt: Keep reading for optional mix-ins and recipe variations.