Easy Baked Boudin Balls with Honey Mustard Dipping Sauce // Karista's Kitchen

I know what you’re thinking.  What is a Baked Boudin Ball?   That’s the question I asked when I first moved to Louisiana many years ago.

Baked Boudin Balls are a Cajun and Creole tradition, steeped in one of the most delicious culinary histories.

Friends and co-workers would bring Tupperware bowls of Boudin Balls to work for Friday potluck or birthday celebrations.  I remember the first time I bit into one of those tempting treats, filled with a regional spicy boudin sausage and white rice, rolled in bread crumbs and then fried to perfection.  They were so delicious and so addicting, I found myself standing around the potluck table stuffing my face with the savory nibbles.

I left that event telling myself I had to learn how to make Boudin Balls at home.

Boudin Balls got their name from the Cajun/Creole sausage, Boudin, that originates in Louisiana.  You probably won’t find it outside of Louisiana or East Texas, unless you make it yourself.  Typically, Boudin is prepared with pork, rice, green peppers, onions and seasonings, put through a meat grinder and then stuffed into sausage casings.  Grilled, pan seared, steamed or sautéed, every Boudin recipe varies from region to region and family to family.