How To Start Something New: Step 1

Write down the reasons why you want to start this new project. Analyze your underlying motivations and look for positives and negatives.

Positive: “I’m going to become a child entertainer named Gross Kid because I want to be in control of how much I earn, and I’m energized by the idea of making kids laugh.”

Negative: “I’m going to become a child entertainer named Gross Kid because I can’t afford the lifestyle I want on my current salary and my jerky boss Karen always makes me feel like a garbage can.”

Positive motivations inspire the courage you need to follow through on your plans. Negative motivations sap your will to live and leave you feeling totally empty. Even though your passion for the project is strong, the fact that you decided to pursue it to get out of a crappy job could leave you feeling resentful and listless. LISTLESS! Oh god what a TERRIBLE FEELING.

How To Start Something New: Step 2

Create 30-60-90 day work back plan for yourself and a one year goal. Start at the one year goal to keep your mindset at a high-level throughout this exercise. Then work backwards from 90 days, to 60 days, and finally a 30 day plan that is very granular. Include things like “write blog post” or “hire a VA” or “engage with people on social media for 10 minutes a day”.

This will give you a thorough understanding of how much time and effort it’s going to take to get your project/business to where it needs to be in the right amount of time, and how much work you’ll be putting in, which leads us to:

How To Start Something New: Step 3

Set the expectation now to work hard. Nothing happens without hard work. If this idea is something that’s supposed to be “easy” that will give you a “lifestyle business,” change your mindset now. Block time in your calendar, make your venture a high priority, and hold yourself accountable! No one else is going to push you to achieve your goals the way you will! And frankly, no one else is going to care as much as you do whether you succeed or fail.

Honestly this is the biggest pitfall I see when people ask me for advice on how to start something new and follow through – they just don’t put in the hard work it takes to make it happen. I’m really not sure where the idea of “if I love it it should be easy” comes from, because it’s a lie. A LIE! Don’t believe the lie! You’re just going to disappoint yourself when you realize that it’s f*cking hard! But it’s also very rewarding 😀