Weight Gain Doesn’t Have to be Part of Menopause

What’s more, exercise can help you keep your weight under control. Many women think that weight gain during menopause is only associated with hormonal changes, but studies have found that women who are physically active are less likely to gain weight than sedentary women.

Exercise will not only help you burn more calories, it will help combat the natural muscle loss associated with aging. By exercising and building muscle, you’ll increase your metabolism and the rate your body burns calories each day. These factors together help to increase the calories you expend and fight weight gain.

Exercise also will help to prevent abdominal and visceral (inside around your organs) weight gain that’s associated with increased heart disease and diabetes; will lower blood pressure; and will improve your cholesterol levels. And it can help protect your bones, as the years immediately following menopause are normally a time of rapid bone loss.