Well-Rounded Diets

One trend that may start to dwindle, according to our experts, are specific and rigorous diets like keto and intermittent fasting. Instead, expect to see increased popularity in more healthy, flexible eating plans like the Mediterranean diet. In fact, the term #mediterreneanfood has had an impressive 76 million U.S. views in the past year on TikTok.

“I feel more emphasis will be placed on well-rounded, sustainable diets such as the Mediterranean diet,” says Michael Bass, M.D., a gastroenterologist. “Study after study shows this is the best way to eat.”

“The appeal of the Mediterranean diet will continue as more people discover the win-win of taste and health,” echoes O’Neil. “Nutrition professionals continue to recommend this eating pattern as one of the best for optimal health and optimal enjoyment, which ensures folks will make it a lifestyle, not [a] short-term diet fad.”