Balancing Table Pose • dandayamna bharmanasana



1. On your hands and knees in Table pose, inhale the right leg up parallel to the floor, reaching the toes towards the back wall.

2. Starring at a point between the palms, slowly inhale the left arm up parallel to the floor, reaching the fingers towards the front wall.

3. Breathe and hold for 3-6 breaths.

4. To release: slowly exhale the left arm down, and then lower the knee down, back into table position.

5. Repeat on other side.


Benefits + Contraindications

Benefits: Balancing Table pose improves balance, memory, focus and coordination. This posture builds core body strength and lengthens the spine.

Contraindications: Recent or chronic injury to the knees, back, arms or shoulders.


Modifications + Variations

Modifications: Place a folded blanket under the knees to protect them from pressure and stress.

Variations: Reach the arm and leg out to the side wall.