Many (most) of us have emotional/stress eating issues.  We have a bad day and immediately (without thinking) hit the lounge or the pantry for a sweet or salty treat.  Here is where the cycle begins.

  1. Stress Trigger
  2. Eat because of that trigger (sweet/salty/ or both)
  3. Feel good for about 30 – 60 seconds
  4. Get upset that you just ruined your diet
  5. Feel badly about the situation and eat more
  6. Stress Trigger (back at the beginning of the cycle)

Does this cycle happen to you? Is it driving you nuts yet, but you can’t seem to stop it?  Here are some beginning tips on where to start.

  1.  Identify your stress trigger – anger,  boredom,  habit, procrastination, depression, anxiety, something you felt you did wrong during the day etc..
  2. When you go to get that food item you love, (doughnut, muffin, candy bar, chips, alcohol, etc…) think before you eat.  Talk out loud – “Do I really need this?”, “Am I really Hungry?” , “Is this going to help or hurt me?”, “Does the food care about my weight loss goals?” (uh, I don’t think so, it isn’t your buddy and not even human)
  3. Ask yourself if that item is worth the calories and you getting upset about eating it.  Is it worth it that it is stopping you from getting to your goal?  Most of the time you are going to come back with a no.  Even though you think you deserve it because you have had a bad day.  Do you deserve not have a healthy and great body?  Sometimes you are going to give in, but then own it.  Make it a choice – not a mindless “I will start tomorrow, I don’t care attitude”
  4. It is going to be difficult the first few times, but when you can overcome that trigger once – YOU CAN DO IT AGAIN!

Alexandra Craig – Owner Personal Level Fitness

B.S. Exercise Physiology, Minor in Nutrition

20 years of experience