Are you looking to start hiking but don't know where to start? This is your guide to the best 10 at-home full body workouts to train to hike! They will improve your strength, stamina, and balance to become a better hiker! #hiking #hikingguide #worko…

Hiking is an incredible activity (and my absolute favorite), but it isn’t always easy. Those beautiful mountain views don’t come without sweat and sore muscles! I am going to help you feel prepared physically to tackle the mountain trails by providing you with a guide that helped me train to hike.

I’m going to be honest, when I went on my first hike, I did not prepare at all. I have always worked out to some extent, but not enough to tackle my first hike. I was sore for days! I knew if I wanted to continue hiking, I needed to prepare my body, so not only would I feel good hiking up the mountain but also work my way up to tackle longer and more difficult trails. I started playing around with different exercises, and after a few years, I finally found what worked to help me get in hiking shape!


  1. Warm-up

  2. Lower Body

  3. Upper Body

  4. Cardio

  5. Stretch

  6. Mental Toughness

Each part holds a unique purpose when training to hike, so one should not be overlooked. I will say that no matter how much I train to hike, I still huff and puff my way up the mountain to some extent, BUT my body feels stronger during the hike and muscles less sore after. These exercises have helped me improve my strength, stamina, and balance to become a better hiker.