Part I: Avoid letting your shoulder pop out

The first part of the exercise program is to do all you can to avoid having your shoulder “pop out of place.” Even if it feels like it “needs” to be popped , don’t do it. Each time you let it pop it makes it easier for it to happen the next time (just like blowing up a balloon repetitively makes it easier on each successive occasion).

Part II: Rotator Cuff Strengthening Exercises

The second part of the reconditioning program concerns strengthening the muscles that press the ball of the shoulder into the socket. These muscles are called the rotator cuff muscles.

The rotator cuff muscles are strengthened by working against resistance in rotation internally (toward the body) and externally (away from the body).

It is important that your shoulder have both strength and endurance of internal and external rotation. This means that you need to carry out at least five rotator cuff exercise sessions each day each taking only about five minutes.

Examples of rotator cuff strengthening exercises can be seen in the images and videos below.