We are getting ready for Halloween with these Healthy Halloween Fun Food Ideas. Creative and healthy ideas your family will love. Halloween doesn’t have to be only about eating candy. You can create delicious and healthy treats and have fun with the entire family. It is the perfect way to encourage kids to eat more fruits and veggies.

I collected some fantastic ideas for a super fun and healthier Halloween this year. My kids get plenty of candy during this time of the year, so making these healthy foods is a great balance. Most importantly, you can show them that healthy food is fun and exciting and delicious!  If you want more fun foods for the holidays, check out my Thanksgiving Fun Food Ideas.

Check out these great and super easy to make recipes and keep reading below for bonus fun food ideas recently added at the end! Get creative and stay healthy this Halloween. You and your family deserve it!

Banana Ghosts and Tangerine Pumpkins

Halloween Fun Food Banana Ghosts And Pumpkins
This is my favorite Halloween Fun Food. It is easy to make and so much fun to eat.  Serve this fruit tray at any halloween party. You can use celery stalks or pretzel sticks for the tangerines (or you can use mandarin oranges or clementines). For the banana ghosts, use mini chocolate chips for the eyes and regular chocolate chips for the mouths. Always a big hit  for kids guaranteed!