We all know what that mid-afternoon sloth feeling is like, right? You’re at your desk at work and you’re trying to fight both your mind and body to stay focused. Before lunch, you’d been on top of your game, sending out emails and reports left and right without hesitation and then, suddenly, it’s like you’ve hit a wall. It’s far too early to end the day but you also feel it’s too late to have another coffee, so what now?

After struggling through the post-lunch grogginess many times, I’ve learned a few ways to combat the feeling. I’ve found that, while coffee may seem like the perfect antidote for this, it can often leave me feeling overly jittery and not all that productive. Instead, here are five afternoon pick-me-ups to beat that 2:30 feeling.

1. Matcha Tea

Matcha became a huge drink of choice for tea and coffee lovers in 2019 and I’m ready to keep the matcha train rolling all the way into 2030.

2. Healthy Fats

While food can be perfect for giving you that extra burst of energy, you have to be careful of where you choose to get that energy from.

3. Exercise

While you may feel like exercise is the *last* thing you want to do when you’re feeling sluggish and groggy, it’s actually the perfect way to recharge and refresh your body and mind.