1.   Plan, Plan, Plan – If you know you are going somewhere specific, look online at the menu and nutrition page.  Pick something with a proportional amount of protein, good fat, and carbs.

2.  Look online or use Myfitnesspal.com – most restaurants have an online menu or myfitnesspal.com can be a resource to quickly pick up information on the fly.

3.  Skip the Bread – the bread and oil or butter are extra calories that you don’t need.  Eat a little snack before you go (greek yogurt, carrots and hummus,) so that you are not starving and tempted by the bread.

4.  Pick the right preparation – avoid au gratin, battered, braised, breaded, buttered, creamy, crispy, fried, in oil and sauteed.  Good words – baked, boiled, broiled, grilled, poached, raw, roasted and steamed.

5.  Don’t be scared to change the menu – everyone is starting to have a healthy menu section.  If they don’t, ask for substitutions or have the waiter take cheese or mayo off of the sandwhich or have the dressing put on the side.  Get double of the steamed veggie instead of fries.  Think outside the box and get what is healthier.