1. Earn your splurge!

Put in the effort the week leading up..aka..make healthy decisions all week.

2. Before the festivities start..

Eat a small snack containing protein and fiber to fill you up!

3. Slow Down!

Make sure you look at all the options before loading up your plate.

4. Pick up a Plate!

Eat from a plate instead of continually grazing the buffet.  This will help you track your food more carefully and visually see the portion size.

5. Watch Alcohol!

Remember, alcohol has calories as well.  Choose to drink a lighter version of beer.  Or, alternate between alcohol and a zero calorie beverage.  Instead of full soda, choose diet.

6.Have Fun!

Remember, this is a lifestyle and not a diet.  You should be able to have fun, but in moderation so that you get to your goals