We all know that vegetables are healthy, but did you know that how you prepare them can make a big difference in how much nutrition you’re getting from them? In fact, according to a recent study, the vitamin C content in the popular summer soup gazpacho can considerably decrease during the cooking and blending process. For how to get the most nutrition from your veggies, read on!

3 Best Ways to Prepare Your Vegetables

1. Go raw. One of the best ways to eat fruits and vegetables is to eat them raw. While not every vegetable is most nutritious eaten this way (there are exceptions) in general, eating them raw keeps the enzymes, vitamins and phytochemicals intact.

2. Steam them. The more water you can keep in your vegetables, the better for nutrition. That’s why steaming is such a good option  you’re actually adding humidity! For the best nutrition, steam them until they’re crisp-tender.

3. Stir fry. Quick and easy to do, stir-frying is a healthy way to get your veggies. Just be sure that  similar to steaming   you don’t cook them until they’re mushy. Al dente is the name of the game for optimal nutrition!

And the best tip of all for eating healthy veggies? Eat them fast! The gazpacho and vitamin C recipe found that vitamin C decreased the longer the soup set out, so after you prepare your food, get to enjoying it!