• I have LOST a total of 34 Inches, 2 Clothing Sizes, and 30 pounds!
  • I have GAINED strength and tone, improved balance and flexibility and endurance!
  • My quality of life has improved!

Why did I choose PL?

  1. Amazing client success stories! If they could do it, so could I!
  2. Personal Level is around the corner from my house
  3. I liked the energy and passion the owners had!
  4. The PL philosophy is great! The coaches work with me each session on multiple

levels (nutrition, food log, workout itself, stretching, and cardio) to ensure I am successful

Why did PL work when others didn’t?

  1. Knowledge of the Fitness Coaches is superior. Their ability to teach and communicate what

they know keeps me coming back!

  1. Very flexible schedule and they NEVER cancel on me
  2. Fitness Assessments are offered every 6-8 weeks. This is an invaluable tool in helping me

improve my fitness / overall health.

What makes PL Different?

  2. The excellent nutrition advice and different ideas on how I can improve to reach my goals
  3. There are consistent weekly weigh-ins, monitoring of food journals and water intake, as well

as weekly goal setting.

  1. The variety in workout routines
  2. You workout in your own space and everyone is supportive and friendly

What do you enjoy about PL?

  1. The staff is professional, friendly and encouraging
  2. The studio is clean, welcoming and well designed
  3. I enjoy working with all the trainers
  4. I am held accountable for my choices
  5. The fitness coaches knowledge is one of the most important reasons as to why PL is successful

I have worked out at several other gyms and worked out with several other personal trainers.  I have had some success at the other gyms but it is incomparable to the success I’ve had at PL.  Since I joined PL I have reached goals beyond my expectations.  During my last physical with my family phusician my doctyor told me to tell my trainers that she gives them and A+!  I could not be happier about my choice to invest in myself by being a part of PLF.

*Individual results may vary