1. Red Robin: Ensenada Chicken Platter

You might know Red Robin for their bottomless fries and sky-high burgers, but this healthy hidden gem on their menu should absolutely be on your radar. Sparing no seasonings, this grilled chicken dish packs some serious southwest flavor. Pair with a side salad or steamed broccoli for the perfect lunch. “I love that the chicken is grilled instead of fried for a great lean protein option. Not to mention, getting those extra veggies on the side is a great way to balance out the meal,” says Golub.

2. Domino’s: Pacific Veggie Pizza

If you are like me, then your Friday night consists of ordering a pizza and catching up on trashy reality TV. And the pacific veggie pizza is so good it will have you pressing pause on your Love Island marathon so you can grab another slice. Topped with nearly every character from VeggieTales (mushrooms, onions, roasted red peppers, black olives, spinach, and diced tomatoes), this pie is a great way to add vegetables to your dinner. For a more balanced meal, order a side salad with your pizza to get in some filling fiber and essential vitamins, says Golub.

3. IHOP: Short Stack + Fresh Fruit + Egg Over Easy OR Veggie Omelet + Fresh Fruit + Toast

It would be cruel and unusual if I told you to go to the International House of Pancakes and NOT order pancakes—so I am not going to do that. “Pancakes are never a bad idea! It’s just about being mindful while eating them,” says Golub. Go for the short stack (ask for butter on the side per Golub’s recommendation) and a cup of fresh fruit for added fiber, vitamins, and minerals to your breakfast. Order an egg over easy for an ~easy~ way to bump up the meal’s protein and healthy fats, says Golub.

For a savory breakfast instead, try building your own omelet (“with the whole egg—there’s no need to fear the egg yolk,” says Golub) incorporating your favorite veggies. Add on a side of multigrain or whole wheat toast and fresh fruit for fiber and vitamins. And although it’s safe to say IHOP will not be rebranding to IHOE (International House of Eggs) anytime soon, for obvious reasons, this egg combo makes a delicious and nutritious brunch or breakfast for dinner.

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