ATTENTION COLUMBUS AREA RESIDENTS: We Are Looking For 10 People Who Want To Transform Their Health and Fitness Over The Next 12 Weeks.

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Here’s What Your Session Will Include:

At Personal Level Fitness, we are committed to creating a community of positive and encouraging people working together to empower each other to be the healthiest and happiest version of themselves.  

Using our four elements, we build a customized program that works with your body-type to build strength, endurance, balance, and good nutrition so that you can grow the habits you need to live a new, healthy lifestyle.

  • Fitness Assessment – To Evaluate Your Current Fitness Level
  • Personal Training Session – To Experience Our World Class Training
  • Nutrition Assessment – To Design A Nutrition Plan For Your Goals
  • Your Own Private Training Suite- To private the ultimate in private, time efficient, and results focused workouts.

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