1. Eat More Protein to Boost Your Metabolism and Reduce Your Appetite, Making Future Changes Easier

2. Start Eating a Healthy Breakfast, Preferably With Eggs

3. Replace Crappy Fats and Oils With Good Fats and Oils

4. Remove Sugar-Sweetened Beverages and Fruit Juices From Your Diet

5. Start Exercising… Find Something That You Enjoy and Can Stick to

6. Replace Sugar, Refined Carbs and Modern Wheat With Other Healthier Foods

7. Start Eating Meat or Fish and Plenty of Vegetables For Dinner

8. Match Carb Intake to Your Metabolic Health and Activity Levels

9. Take Care of Your Lifestyle… Emphasizing Adequate Sleep and Reduced Stress Levels

10. Start Eating Healthy Lunches and Snacks… Now Each of Your Daily Meals Should be Healthy and Nutritious

11. Cut Out All Processed Foods and Start Focusing on Quality

12. Commit to a Lifetime of Improvement

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