Diabetes has been coined the alarming name of the “silent killer” because the symptoms are easy to miss and many people aren’t even aware that they may have diabetes. Over24 million people in America have diabetes and more shockingly only about a 3rd of that number are aware that they have it. It’s the disease where rising sugar can become a poison in your body. It is important to get a blood sugar test to determine whether you have diabetes. If you suffer from any of the symptoms listed here you should talk to your doctor immediately.

1. Increase Thirst & Urination

If you suddenly find that you need to go to the bathroom all the time and even have to get up in the middle of the night to go to the bathroom, you may have diabetes. It’s because your kidneys are desperate to get rid of the extra glucose in your blood. You will become thirstier because your body then tries to replenish what is lost.

2. Weight Loss

Unless you are on a new weight plan you should be dropping weight for no reason. Weight loss is a common sign of diabetes because high sugar levels can cause rapid weight loss.

3. Fatigue

It’s when the glucose in your body gets stored incorrectly, your cells then become energy starved which will result in you feeling less energetic and weak.

4. Hunger

When you have diabetes you will experience drastic high and lows in blood sugar levels which can make you feel hungry all the time.

5. Numbness

When your body experiences constant highs in glucose levels than damage can be done to your nervous system. Which in turn can cause a numb feeling in your body.

6. Skin Problems

Extreme dry skin and itchiness is a sign of diabetes. It happens due to poor circulation in the body.

7. Slow Healing

A common sign of diabetes is your body’s inability to heal wounds effectively. You may find that a bruise or cut is healing a lot slower than normal. Blood vessels can be damaged extensively due to high glucose in your blood and it will hinder the healing process.

8. Yeast Infections

When you have diabetes it affects your immune system which makes you more susceptible to infections. The most common infection reported with diabetes is the yeast infection.

9. Irritability

Low blood sugar in anyone is bound to make them feel a little cranky. If your blood sugar has been low for awhile in can make you feel very unwell for a long period of time. When people feel terrible they find it hard to be in a good mood.

10. Problems with Vision

High blood sugar levels have been known to cause vision issues such as